Our Past

Wabash Studios was first thought about when a single designer wanted to be able to give his clients the best designs and outcome possible for the best prices. After a long time, perfecting and adjusting, wabash studios was created.

The main goal for wabash is to be able to help out every clients need’s to the fullest. Style and trends change with each year. Technology and software come and go. We know it is important for us as web designers and developers to stay on top of our game.

How We Got Here

Wabash Studios was first launched in 2004 under the name Final-Glory by William Baker. After a year of working as a freelance designer he wanted to make his little portfolio something more. Something that can both give to the community and at the same time be able to show case his works.

In late 2005 wabash Studio was born. A complete re-design was done for the site and it was a slow and hard beginning. Details were not skipped and everything was made to make the clients life easier. Once all the knots were untied the live version was put up. With over 12 years of experience our team is here to make your site the best it can be.

Dont Just Take Our Word For It

See what our past clients say about us
  • Andrew Michelyne
    Perfect for what I need - Have wasted too much money on really piss poor designs, so this design is a help in need, and a help indeed. Quality. Thank you
  • Ivo Vladislav
    Superb! So many options, and the developer gives excellent support! Thank you very much for the hard work.
  • Andre Todorka
    I must say I am impressed, that what I was thinking and dreaming about, have bought domain too but you guys turn idea into reality, this is the best.
  • Jay Britton
    Really great web design. Versatile, elegant, easy to use and customize, loads of options to cater for every need. I`m so happy I invested in wabash Studio.

Simple Is Always Best

We have a motto at wabash Studio: if you can't put it simply. do more research and try again. We excel at taking complex ideas and making them easy to understand. Simplify them to their very core.
Allowing us to drive everyone’s focus – even yours – into creating the best and most effective digital products.

Attention To Detail

We do not believe in delivering half-finished ideas. Every one us work hard to offer the best version of ourselves in every stage of a project.
By working with us you will find the most creative and effective solution at the highest quality. We do the hard work so you can reap the rewards.

True Support

We deal work with clients with all knowledge levels and we love, and welcome you all!
We take on every project as if it were our own, and we walk with you every step of the way providing as many explanations as necessary and even personal training

Results Driven

Every step we take in creating a design stems from a deep research and a well thought out strategy, where the end user is the main protagonist of our layouts.
The key to success in every project is to understand the end user, provide the best user experience, and to create the perfect setting to convey your message accurately and effectively.

Our Promise

To produce the top of the line graphics and websites while making sure to have the best prices. Our team promises to take your idea and make it a reality. No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your website perfect.